As soon as you have your new parking lot completed, you’re going to love the way it looks. Initially, an asphalt parking lot can look nothing short of stunning. Add a few years to the life of that lot, though, and things may not look quite so amazing, particularly if you didn’t have a seal coating put on by a company like Bennett Paving initially. Sure, the asphalt will look great for that first year without it, but while it’s an added expense, it’s certainly one you’ll want to consider. Here are just a few reasons.

1. Seal coating products were created to help protect the binder that holds your asphalt parking lot together. As oxidation, aging, and chemicals build up on your lot, you’re going to begin to see it degrade. Seal coating, though, helps to beautify the surface initially, and it goes on to work in the years to come.

2. Seal coats last a long time, and that can help to extend the life of your parking lot for decades. Most companies estimate that periodic reapplication of just the seal coating may mean you can expect to get 30 years out of that one asphalt job if you seal coat right after it’s initially place on the parking lot.

3. A good coating can mean that nothing will touch your parking lot as time goes by. Whether you’re talking about the UV damage from that hot Austin sun that every other parking lot on your street can feel, water damage from that last rainstorm, or traffic damage from the great year you’ve had, a good seal coat means you don’t have to spend money on those extensive repairs that cost everyone else so much.

A seal coat is the perfect way to make certain that your parking lot looks amazing in the years to come. As long as you have your seal coat reapplied on an annual basis, you can expect serious benefits. Neglected surfaces can cost quite a bit more to repair, with some estimates as much as five times higher. Protecting it now means longer life as well as fewer repair costs. When it is finally time to repave, even there you can expect real cost savings. Give your shop that polished look that’s only available with a seal coat when you contact Bennett Paving today.

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Parking Lot | Flickr – Photo Sharing! : taken from – Danny Votra

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