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Just a few mere months ago, there was news that stuck many as very odd, but members of the ADA and the dental community just nodded somberly. The headlines discussed a man who had succumb to death that resulted from a mere toothache. Who would think a toothache could kill you? If you really wonder, just ask your dentist. In recent years, a lot has been learned about oral health and its connection to the rest of the body. The bacteria, which first appeared in the mouth, has been found in the arteries and brain of study participants. There have been definitive links found between cardiovascular health and that of the mouth. Knowing this, it is not horribly surprising to know that a person could meet his fate after a simple toothache.

The facts of the case make it even more understandable. Despite consistent recommendations of his dentist, the man failed to have the tooth removed. His bank account was suffering, according to the story that he told doctors. Keep in mind that a tooth extraction in Bastrop, Texas is considered a very affordable procedure, unlike braces, porcelain veneers, or implants that would understandably denied. There is also help to be found in affording such necessary procedures.

Facial swelling and severe headaches soon plagued the man, who still held off on having the recommended extraction. His poor choices continued when the emergency room physicians prescribed antibiotics and pain killers. With too little income to support the cost of both, he tossed the script for antibiotics aside and the infection continued to spread. Working its way into the blood, it eventually reached his brain, leading to cerebral abscess. That is a inflammation and a collection of infected cells in the brain. Healthy tissue builds up around it as an immune response, which builds pressure within the skull that can be life threatening. Had the man taken the prescribed antibiotics, the infection would have been cleared and the abscess would have healed. Instead it claimed his life.

If you are imagining this man to be elderly, beyond his prime, think again. The victim was in his twenties – too young to have gotten a real start in life and too old to plead ignorance. Unfortunately, his age group is among the most common to ignore signs of oral trouble. They often avoid the dentist, even in emergency situations, citing a lack of money as their reason. One must ask himself ‘how much is your life worth?’

Bacteria is always present in the mouth, but the good variety can quickly be overtaken by the bad, which is why it is so essential to have regularly scheduled appointments with a local Bastrop dentist, such as Chad Byler, DDS, PA. Gum disease starts silently, but it can quickly ravish the oral tissue and even eat away at the bone that holds teeth in place. The beginning signs of trouble – known as Gingivitis – can be spotted by a trained dentist and stopped before they become a bigger problem.

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