It can be very frustrating to wake in the morning, look in the mirror and witness new blemishes upon your face. This is especially true when you don’t understand the cause of the new imperfections or don’t recognize what they are. In this article, we look at some of the more common forms of ‘spots’ that may appear on your otherwise pretty complexion.

Hives These red welts can appear very small or rather large, but are a temporary issue. The more formula name for them is Urticaria and they can become very swollen, uncomfortable, and itchy. Very often the source of the hives can be easily discovered as they are generally a response to an allergen. Consider new foods that you have consumed recently, new lotions that you have just started to apply, or even a recent experience with a different facial cleanser. There are many different things that could cause the allergic response and sometimes the source will never be found. However, it is worth doing your homework in an attempt to discover it, as this will be the best way to prevent their return. In the meantime, you can treat hives with an oral antihistamine.

Pimples This is just another term associated with acne. The small, potentially painful, red, swollen spots are a result of dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells clogging a pore. This causes a small infection and the outcome is the unflattering pimple. There are many things that can cause an acne break out. Stress, hormone fluctuations, new medicines, or failing to wash away sweat and dirt can increase the likelihood of acne. Additionally, your diet can play a big role. If you are having trouble controlling your weight and your acne, then you might want to consider the HCG diet. In Austin, you can learn more about this weight loss plan at Laser Studio.

Age Spots When the spots on your face are not red, but rather tan or brown in color, you could be looking at a new sign of aging. Referred to as liver spots or ‘age spots’, the small discolorations of the skin most frequently appear on the face, hands, forearms, and shoulders. They are not raised and they will cause no discomfort, but they can be a semi-permanent or permanent fixture. There are skin treatments that can help erase them, if you choose. You can learn more at your local laser spa.

Skin Tags More formally referred to as Acrochordon, skin tags are very common and not a cause for any medical concern. They are small, soft overgrowths of skin that generally appear on the neck, eyelids, underarms, and breasts. People, who are overweight, obese, or who have recently seen an increase in their body weight, are more likely to experience the tags, but it is possible to have them removed rather easily. They do not have to be removed, but if you choose to do so, they can be frozen off with liquid nitrogen, tied off, burned off with electric cautery, or even removed with surgical scissors.

While you can make some improvements to your skin with changes to your diet and lifestyle, there are times when you will need a helping hand. When that is the case, consider a photofacial. Austin Laser Studio will provide you the help you need, so you can come to enjoy your skin once again.

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