Natural light holds so many benefits of humankind. It is a source of mood enhancement, immune system improvement, and, of course, it reduces the need for artificial light. For all of these reasons and far more, people have really embraced it in the design of their homes in Austin. Windows are one of the ways that natural light can be increased in a space, however there are many other methods, if you are not quite ready to invest in new window installation or if you simply don’t have the space for any more.

There are many ways that you can introduce more of the sun into your space and several ways to maximize the light sources that you already have to enjoy a lighter, brighter, healthier atmosphere. In order to do this, however, you must understand the principles of reflection and absorption. Dark colors absorb light. This is the reason why one feels warmer when wearing black in the summer. The same principles apply inside. Lighter colors reflect the light, so that it is free to bounce around the room. For this reason, it is always advisable to choose paler paint colors and airier fabrics when you are hoping to maximize natural light.

Are you finding that you can’t afford replacement windows in a darker area of the house? If so, then you might consider investing in a mirror instead. Light rays are easily reflected and enhanced with mirrors. Though highly functional, mirrors can also add something special to a décor. You don’t have to choose a basic rectangular mirror. There are many ways to welome the reflective surface into your design. Consider a collage of small mirrors, or choose mirror-plated furniture pieces rather than hanging anything on the wall. Mirror-backed display cabinets can give a new view of special collectables while encouraging natural light and large mirrors centrally located on a wall make a space look larger.

It is also important to choose the right windows, if you do decide to add more. Avoid tinted or colored windows that may limit the light allowed through. If you are a full house window replacement job, then you might consider installing larger windows where you are able. You may be surprised to find that the difference in cost to increase the size of your windows is not horribly significant in some instances. Yet, the added light will be substantial. Furthermore, it is important to place windows where they won’t be disrupted. That might mean moving them higher on wall, if you plan to place furniture on the same wall. The same principle is true for the outside of the home. Try to avoid placing windows where they may be blocked by large trees or trim back bushes that overhang windows.

Finally, understand the importance of direction. To place windows well within a room, you must know which direction the walls face. The most sun will be received from south-facing windows in this country. East facing windows will receive morning sun and west-facing windows will draw in the afternoon sun. When windows cannot be fit well within a room, consider a skylight instead. Skylights can be very energy efficient today, can provide necessary ventilation and are rather easy to install during roof renovations.

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