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Since the very first houses were built, people have been looking to Mother Nature for the best possible roofing. Even with the vast number of manmade materials available today, there is a lot of be said about naturally occurring roofing materials. Among the most commonly used are clay, wood, and stone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clay These tiles, also known as Spanish tiles, have been used as roofing materials for centuries and they can last one hundred years or more when installed properly. Better yet, clay tile roofs require very little maintenance and even when some damage is sustained, it is usually possible to repair or replace a few tiles rather than the whole roof. The Dallas roofing repair team at can usually manage this process quickly and for much less money than it would cost to replace the whole roof. Resilient and beautiful, millions of people in the country and throughout the world have come to love clay tiles, but there are a few things to consider before installing them. They are much heavier and more expensive than asphalt shingles. The cost is high initially, but they also last longer than asphalt roofing, which generally justifies the upfront investment. The weight, however, is a serious concern. A professional roofer should evaluate the structure of your home before installing clay tiles. There must be a very sturdy base to support the significant mass.

Pros and Cons of Wood Shingles or shakes crafted of wood have been used on homes throughout the country for many years. The natural look and gorgeous grain make a definite impact on the curb appeal of the property and wood is another very durable choice in roofing. Cedar shake roofs allow for natural ventilation and hold up well against wind and rain. A testament to this is the fact that they are frequently used on ocean front properties. With proper sealing, the wood will hold up really well against years of rain storms and even fire. However, shakes do require a little more input than clay tiles. They must be inspected regularly to check for signs of damage caused by insects, rot, or mold. They should also be treated with water repellent and UV inhibitor from time to time.

The Good and Bad of Stone There is no need to bake, mold, or treat slate before applying it to the top of a house. These natural shingles are very durable and can last fifty years or even a decade with very little attention from the homeowner. They are naturally fire resistant; do not give way to rot, mold, insects or moss. Unfortunately, though, all of those advantages come at a cost and often a big one. Slate roofs are a sound investment, but you can expect to pay far more than you would for asphalt shingles and they should always be installed by the professionals. Handling or installing them incorrectly can result in irreversible damage. It is best to entrust them to well trained hands, like those at

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